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Ethics Updates¬†seeks to provide a wide array of resources for the thoughtful and informed discussion of difficult moral issues. I originally began the site in 1994 as a way of keeping the bibliography of my ethical theory book up to date--hence the name, Ethics Updates.  Several years later it was expanded to accomodate my moral issues book as well, and it continued to expand in subsequent years as both books have gone through multiple editions.  In the beginning, I hosted the site on a PC in my office and wrote the first HMTL pages in Notepad.  Eventually it was moved over to a server at the University of San Diego, where I taught for almost four decades.  Over the years, the site expanded even more and eventually became too time-consuming to keep properly uptodate. 

Now that I am comfortably retired, I have time to return to the site and have moved it over to a commercial server and spent a considerable amount of time sharpening my web design skills.  Both content and web design are solely from me, and it's great fun to create a mobile-friendly site and explore the visual display of knowledge in new ways. 

The website is updated several times a week, and there is already a vast amount of material on it.  Most pages have tabs to organize the information.  Some tab might have a lot of information, organized with collapsible menu-like items.  Usually these have a plus (+) sign in front of them.  Click the plus sign and it will expand.

I hope that you find the site helpful.  If so, please tell your friends and acquaintances.  I have tried to provide a rich array of sources that allow the reader to form thoughtful and well-informed positions on these issues. 

Use it and enjoy!